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Monday, March 21, 2016

Gratcia Nulis' Tagline: Be True To Yourself, To Your Soul, To Your Own Voice, What's Yours?

Been away from blogging for so long and missing some of my old blogger friends. I used to read their posts, their life. Feeling like I know them personally, intimately, because of the stories they generously share on their blog. Tonight, when I wandered around, trying to find a glimpse of our glorious wonderful past, I visit their blogs, I read some old posts, I feel the connection again. The past is so near if only I refused to read the date. Unfortunately, I could not help to notice. It is not the same as before, because their life seems to stop there on their last post. I wonder what are they doing right now... Will they ever going to blog again? Will I ever be able to peek into their lives, again?

I do not have the answer...

But they did me a favor, a subtle eureka moment. Their posts, their stories, reminded me of why I blog, and the feeling I got from writing and then reading personal stories. That is why I am blogging. Because I love to think out loud. I need to tell my stories, I love to read them again and find out how different I felt or judge or thought about how things were back then, or realize nothing changes, I still feel the same I just understand it better or still lost. It is precious to me. I don't always understand me, the great I inside this growing old body of mine, but by reading about my past, I understand my right now, my today and what I stand for. The right and the wrong, everything changes, for better or worse, that's how life goes, and that is how I go too.

So i decided to let this blog to be as personal as I can allow myself to be. So someday in a not so near future, when I read this blog old posts, I don't feel like I have cheated on me because I cannot recognize my own voice. I save that for other blogs, haha... This old blog, will stay the same. It's about me: who I was before, who I am now, and who I will or might be but not, what I stood for and what I stand for. I will try to be as honest as the cunning shio monkey personality and the gemini duality can tolerate me to do. So, dear blog and dear readers, if there is one, you are stuck with me. I hope you enjoy the ride, I'm sure I will!

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